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Smart Home Controls

High End Home Automation Systems

Easy to Use Luxury Home Automation Systemss

Our Home Automation Systems control anything electrical in the home, providing enhnaced energy saving and convenience. One simple to use interface can control a huge number of subsystems, without the need for any training or prior experience. Systems often include:

  • Heating & Air-Conditioning Control
  • Mood Lighting in the Home
  • Fully Integrated Security Systems
  • High Definition CCTV
  • Curtain & Blind Control
  • Automatic Bath Filling*

*This isn't quite as common as the others but is an occassional request!

Installing one of our home automation control systems allows all the above electrical systems to be controlled by one easy to use touchpanel. Our team are trained to produce touchpanels which are easy to use and can be operated without any training. We can set up preprogrammed actions which ensure when the alarm is set that the lighting replays your previous activity (simulating occupancy) or the heating drops a few degrees until you return home. We can even allow control from an iPhone allowing you to change the heating from anywhere in the world, even pre-warming the sauna after a hard days skiing!

Smart Home Automation Control Systems

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home can be so much more than whole house audio or a custom created one off home cinema. It can incorporate your heating & cooling, lighting, security and access control. The whole house can become intelligent - bringing together lots of subsystems to ensure efficiency, ease of use, and convenience.

Efficient, Integrated Smart Homes

Integrating heating and lighting with air conditioning and blinds can save huge amounts of energy. Fine control of heating and air conditioning can ensure the system is only on when required - this could be driven by motion detectors in rooms or advanced time schedules beyond the usual on at 8, off at 9 schedules. Daylight sensors can sense when sunlight is spilling in to a room and subtly change the blinds to compensate - varying degrees of a Luxaflex Venetian blind until the system detects the light is at an appropriate level - not just open or close. This keeps the room cool and minimises expensive air conditioning use.

Easy to use Touchpanel Interfaces

Bringing several system under the 'umbrella' of a smart home control system removes the need to master many different interfaces. Our award winning interfaces are so simple to use that there is no need for training. The removal of multiple interfaces also ensures that ugly 'wall acne' is replaced by one touchpanel created especially for you.

Convenience and Luxury from One Integrated System!

One of the main selling points of a smart home system is convenience - imagine being able tocontrol anything in your house from the comfort of your sofa or the lights automatically being on, with curtains drawn, when you return home. One button press can raise the heating by a degree, dim the lights or even fill the bath with water at your preferred temperature and to the right level.

Control Any Electrical Device.

Our clients are constantly asking us to push the boundaries of smart homes and home automation - we can control anything electrical and make the most complex of systems a breeze to use.

High End Home Automation Installation

Bringing You the Best in Home Automation

Our Home Automation (also known as Domotics) systems can revolutionise the way you enjoy your home, providing you with more convenience, security and flexibility than you've ever experienced in your own home. Audio and video distribution systems can enable you to enjoy rooms in ways you haven't previously been able. Imagine being able to automatically fill a bath to your perfect temperature before climbing in to watch last nights recorded TV. Should you need to get out before the cliff hanger you can simply pause and finish it off either in bed or the next day. Our DVD server systems (Kaleidescape) mean you can even watch a film in the bath and because they tell you how long a film is you know if you have time to watch it before the kids need putting to bed.

Automatic Lighting & Curtain Control

Lighting control can be used in conjunction with curtain and blind controls ensuring optimum security. Returning home to an un-welcoming dark home can be a thing of the past - our systems can switch your lights on and draw the curtains ready for your arrival - they can even replay the last two weeks activity every time you set the security system - giving your home an occupied look. One button press can illuminate all the communcal areas in your home, at the levels you like, and a button by the bed head can just as easily switch everything off at night.

Control Any Electrical Device, from Anywhere!

Our clients are constantly asking us to push the boundaries of smart homes and home automation - we can control anything electrical and make the most complex of systems a breeze to use. Our systems are easily controlled over the internet or via an iPhone/iPad allowing control of your home from anywhere! Recent projects have seen us control a standard underfloor heating system via the iPhone (the client switches his heating on when he lands at the airport) and controlling swimming pool pumps via the internet (ensuring the clients pool is crystal clear when he gets to his villa).

Heating & Air Conditioning Control Systems

Energy Efficient Control Systems for HVAC

Environmental control systems make your life more comfortable and save you money by controlling your heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Humidity and temperature set points can be set for different zones from one location allowing different rooms of the home to be heated, or cooled, completely independently of others. This approach not only saves money but increases convenience too by allowig you to only heat rooms as you need them - in large houses the savings can be huge.

Improved User Interface - Many devices under One Interface

We can integrate our systems with a wide variety of manufacturers providing one control panel and removing the need for multiple controllers cluttering walls. Our systems can give you more control and automation over a system than the manufacturers own panels, providing an easier to use, and more aesthetically pleasing, user interface. We can even bring electrical subsystems together so setting the alarm at night puts the heating in to night mode - ensuring the house is still warm if you stay up an extra hour entertaining or watching a late night film. Advanced heating profiles allow you to only heat rooms when you need them ensuring a super efficient use of your heating system.

Remote Access Home Control

Setting off home early? No problem, simply adjust the levels via your secure web page. This economy setting could even be integrated with your security alarm, once the alarm is set the heating drops to a new set point until you return when it automatically picks up again.The secure web site can be an excellent tool for holiday homes, imagine being able to warm your ski chalet or cool your villa ready for arrival. You could even turn the fire on for a homely feel when you arrive.

Residential Energy Control & Monitoring

Energy Control Systems - Reducing Usage in Homes

Our systems can achieve reduced energy consumption in a number of ways whilst enhancing your home and providing convenience. We aim to be environmentally responsible at the same time as enhancing the living or working space.

Energy Saving Lighting Control Systems

Digital dimming systems are much more efficient than the old fashioned units often found in domestic properties. A digitally dimmed lamp will consume a very small percentage of the energy used compared to full brightness - meaning more lamps can be used for scene setting or the same number of lights can use less energy. Soft start can lengthen lamp life considerably whilst giving the eye time to adapt (a tungsten bulb running at 90% has a life expectancy 2-3 times longer than normal).

Intelligent Heating Control - Comfort and Conservation

Efficient control of your heating system is an easy way to save money and energy. In addition to simple control of the temperatures in individual rooms we can integrate your heating with your security alarm system - when you leave the system drops the temperature a few degrees and it rises automatically when you return. Even a few degrees can have a huge affect on your energy consumption.

Power Control and Intelligent Switching

Efficient switching and control ensures devices are only on when you require them not needlessly using energy on standby. Some devices use nearly as much energy on standby as they do when operating, our systems can take over the power management to ensure they are only on when required.

Fully Integrated Access Control Systems

Access Control as part of a Home Automation System

Integrating Access Control systems in to a home automation system makes perfect sense - not only can actions be performed when a caller rings the door bell but you can view the intercom system from any touchpanel in the home. Bringing lights on by the front door can gently illuminate visitors to increase secuirty but the same system can also prepare the home when you arrive. Imagine opening the front gates, or garage door, and the home bringing on the lights as you like them, brings the heating up from it's away mode and opening down stairs blinds - all preprogrammed to your wishes and automated so you dont have to lift a finger. Yoiu could even be greeted by your favourite radio station playing in the kitchen.

Intercom Access throughout the Home

Gone are the days of having a video phone in one or two areas of the home - meaning a mad dash when the buzzer goes. Our system allow you to access the intercom in any room of the home - providing two way audio and a camera window on every touchpanel. Full functionality allows you to view the visitor and release the door should you wish. You can even use the same intercom system to intercom around the home. We partner BPT intercom systems (among others) with Crestron control systems which gives us access to the full range of intercom stations, keypads and card reader technologies.

Away from Home? No Problem.

We can even give you access to your intercom system when away from home - should the intruder alarm be set we can route the intercom system to your mobile phone allowing two way audio with the door station and even relaying CCTV video streams. You then have the option of asking the visitor to return at a later date or allowing entry and dis-arming the security system. This kind of integration is a firm favourite with our clients who have multiple homes and is great for security.