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Multi-Room Audio Video

Luxury Multi-Room Audio Video Systems

Flexible & Easy to Use Whole Home Audio Video Systems

We specialise in high end multi-room audio video systems. Our systems let you enjoy iTunes, Internet Radio and Spotify anywhere in the home. As well as distributing TV and films at full HD quality, allowing you to enjoy the same TV in the bathroom as the living room. If you have ever wanted an easy to use system capable of the following then please do get in touch.

  • Distribute Sky HD around the home
  • Enjoy high definition films anywhere in the home
  • Enjoy your Music Collection anywhere in the home
  • Listen to your hi-fi anywhere in the home
  • Watch and listen to different things than other members of the family in different rooms.

Our systems offer the flexibility to distribute any audio video source around the home at uncompressed levels - meaning you enjoy your music or video at the same quality in the bedroom as in the lounge or cinema room. Start watching a film or TV program in the lounge or cinema, pause it and continue watching it in bed. Accessing your entire music collection and playing your favourite songs is as easy as using an iPod.
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High End Multiroom Music & Video Systems

Bespoke MultiRoom Audio Video Design & Installation

Our multimedia home entertainment systems can bring your home alive. Gone are the days of only having a CD collection available in one room - with our audio servers you can do away with unsightly CD boxes whilst having your music collection available in any room - and you wont be inconvenienced if another member of the household decides to listen to the same source. Radio tuners can allow you to listen to the news in the shower in the morning before listening to a CD whilst drying.

MultiRoom High Definition Video Distribution Systems

High Definition video, such as Sky or DVD, can be available to every room through a minimum of cabling. Different family members can have access to different Sky+ boxes meaning the kids wont clog your hard drive up and they wont be changing channel mid way through your favourite sports match. DVD players and DVD servers (Kaleidescape) allow you to start watching a film in the lounge before finishing it off in bed. DVD servers can allow individual family members to view different films simultaneously. We can even install TVs in bathrooms which double as a mirror when not in use! Please click here for more information.

Easy & Invisible Retrofit into an Existing Home?

There are a number of options to get multi-room surround sound in to an existing home. We have teams of electricians and decorators on hand, that we have worked with before, to install any cabling around your home - providing an invisible installation service. Advances in wireless technologies can also allow us to distribute audio and video around the home wirelessly in some circumstances. We have case studies available of retrofit multiroom solutions.

Custom Home Cinema Installation & Design

To complement our whole home entertainment systems we also design and install custom home cinemas. As part of this design process we take in to account your viewing requirements (regular seating for two or ten?), budget (they needn't cost the earth) and how the room might be used the rest of the time (not everyone has room for a dedicated home cinema). Please click here to go our dedicated custom home cinema page.

Security System Design, Installation & Integration including CCTV

High Resolution security cameras can be available not just on televisions around the home but also on touchpanel's. When a camera detects movement a touchpanel or TV can automatically switch to the right input (or a video window) for viewing. In the case of a touchpanel simply dragging a finger across the screen can pan or tilt the camera allowing complete surveillance. These cameras can also be integrated with a secure web page allowing you to view your home(s) from anywhere in the world. The ultimate in peace of mind and security!

Whole House Audio Video Installations

HD Audio and Video Throughout your Home

One of the main benefits of our control systems can be whole home audio and video distribution. Centralised sources - such as satellite receivers, DVD servers(Kaleidescape) and music servers - can be available throughout the home at high definition quality. Individual zones can have a home cinema surround sound system or stereo sound all controlled by the same easy to use interfaces.

Already Pre-wired for Whole House AV? No problem.

We get lots of calls from people who have pre-wired their property - perhaps the work was done during a renovation a few years ago and funds now allow the next stage to progress. As we source hardware from a number or suppliers(Crestron, Linn and AMX to name a few) we can design a system to fit your existing wiring. The only thing that runs through all our systems is flexibility and quality. We prefer to install products that deliver the best quality sound and video but are expandable in the future to cover your evolving requirements. Too many systems are restrictive in our opinion - it is important to make sure any system will cater for you needs now and in the future.

Whole House Lighting Control Systems

The same control system can easily control lighting either in one room, say the lounge, or the whole home. The benefits can be energy efficiency and aesthetics - lighting scenes can show your property off to maximum potential with different scenes created for different activities. Vacation modes can automatically detect if the security alarm is set and then replay the last two weeks activity.

Security System Integration

Integrating CCTV and security systems in to your whole house audio video and lighting system can reap huge benefits. Cameras can be viewed on any TV or touchpanel throughout the property with preset events should an alarm condition be detected. Lights can automatically light the activated room or provide a safe exit route in the case of a fire.

High End Hi-Fi- Ultimate Audio Installations

Ultimate Hi Fidelity Stereo Audio Systems

Our hi-fi systems are quite simply the best available. We offer systems to the true music enthusiast who isn't prepared to compromise. In addition to offering the best equipment our service includes a full system set up and review of the listening environment. The best speakers in the world will struggle to perform in a bad listening environment, luckily our acoustic panels and room treatments provide an easy answer.

Beautiful Speakers to Complement any Room

Speakers at this level need to be of a substantial size - they need to move substantial amounts of air which involves reasonably large drive units. The good news is your speakers don't need to be ugly black boxes or even particularly dominating in the room. Bowers & Wilkins 800 series speakers are beautiful pieces of cabinet work available in a choice of finishes to enhance any environment. The unique design is beautiful to look at and an aural masterpiece.

Stunning Source Components & Amplifiers

Our Crestron control systems enable you to hide away your DVD player and amplifiers and easily control them through a custom touchpanel. With amplifiers and source components from Classé you may want to keep them on show. Classé are truly passionate about their products and this shines through in the build quality of the product. Classé amplifiers and source components are ideally matched to the B&W 800 range of speakers and provide almost unlimited power. A combination of B&W 800D speakers and Classé Omega Components is the absolute best possible system - with a price tag to match.

Luxury Fully Integrated Home Entertainment Systems

Integrated Home Entertainment Audio Video Systems

Our home entertainment systems provide high quality audio and video distribution throughout your house. You can access your entire CD collection in every room via one of our music servers with the actual album cover art displayed on your touchpanel. High quality video distribution allows DVD's to be accessed from a hard drive film server (Kaleidescape) at high definition quality. Our systems will even upscale your old DVD's to a quality that rivals Blue Ray! Centralised Sky+ hard drive recorders can allow you to watch recordings anywhere in the home - we can also install multiple recorders, one for adults and one for kids.

Custom Home Cinema - Bespoke Home Entertainment

We can build you a dedicated home cinema room as part of your home entertainment system. A big screen and surround sound system can give you a multiplex feeling at home. Our clients love the fact they can relax with the entire family - we create an oasis in the home. The home cinema has access to the same sources as the rest of the house so the entire DVD collection (Kaleidescape) can be accessed in addition to satellite TV - great for sports events with friends as well as family!

Indulgent Bathroom Entertainment Systems!

The bathroom can be a special room in your home - we can create an area to relax and take a break from every day life. Our remote bath filling systems mean you can press a button in the kitchen and have a bath filled to your temperature, with your mix of essential oils, ready by the time you get upstairs! Waterproof Mirror TV's can allow you to catch up on your favourite soaps whilst bathing or finish off a film from last night. We can remotely control saunas and steam cabins to get them up to temperature ready for your arrival - the ultimate convenience! Lighting control systems can create a relaxing ambience in the room whilst bathing before subtly changing for shaving or teeth cleaning.

Custom Home Technology Installation Experts

High End Audio Video Distribution Systems for the Home

We are experts in distributing high definition audio and video around the home. Our systems incorporate seamless switching technology to ensure any room in the home can watch or listen to any source - including Sky HD, BluRay films and Apple iTunes. Distributing sources from a central location allows you to watch your favourite TV (including recorded shows) and listen to your entire music collection anywhere in the home.

Bespoke Home Automation & Smart Home Systems

Our systems take your home and make it smarter - increasing convenience and security whilst saving you money. We can control anything electrical - we regularly install mood lighting systems which incorporate blinds and curtains, heating controls and even irrigation systems. Our control systems ensure devices are only on when required and expensive to run subsystems aren't competing with each other (for example heating and air-conditioning). We can even use advanced logic to close blinds when the sun is too bright, saving furnishings and keeping the temperature down.

Easy to Use Controls & Touchpanels

Every touchpanel interface we install is created by us with a client in mind. They are all easy to use and require no training to use. We even create custom buttons to perform multiple actions - an entertaining button can bring on the lights in key areas to the right levels, switch on the music system throughout the home and switch on the water feature in the garden. We are passionate about making our systems work for our clients - the highlight of our projects is returning after a month or two to tweak the system to clients requirements. Our systems are flexible enough to accommodate any request and it is great to see how different clients use their system.

Digital Home Media Installations

Distribute Digital Music & the Internet around the Home

More and more people today rely on iTunes and Spotify to serve music on and BBC iPlayer and 4OD to serve TV on demand. We specialise in distributing digital sources such as these around the home - allowing easy control from anywhere. Our systems are even flexible enough that an Apple iPad in the lounge can be used as a source - allowing all the apps and information usually associated with the iPad to be viewed on the main TV screen. In practice this could be as simple as choosing music through your iPad Spotify or Last.FM application and then docking the panel - the music stream can now be enjoyed anywhere in the home.

Advanced Digital Media Installations

We even specify central media servers which give all the benefits of Sky + (recording, time shifting etc) for HD signals whilst giving access to on -demand TV, music streamed from the internet and storage of DVD and BluRay films - a true media hub! This approach is extremely scalable and adding video and audio zones is very straightforward - all with access to your full digital media library.

Digital Media at your Fingertips

All our systems fully integrate with our home automation installations to provide very easy control of your home. A touchpanel button labelled music can give access to your entire collection - made up of many sources - radio, music you own and streamed music - all presented as one collection.

Apple Integration & Multi-Room Audio Distribution

Experts in Integrating Apple Products in to Multi-Room Systems

More and more people today rely on iTunes and Spotify to serve music on and BBC iPlayer and 4OD to serve TV on demand. We specialise in distributing digital sources such as these around the home - allowing easy control from anywhere. Our systems are even flexible enough that an Apple iPad in the lounge can be used as a source - allowing all the apps and information usually associated with the iPad to be viewed on the main TV screen. In practice this could be as simple as choosing music through your iPad Spotify or Last.FM application and then docking the panel - the music stream can now be enjoyed anywhere in the home.

Apple iPod Integration & Distribution

Our systems enable people to seemlessly distribute the contents of their iTunes music collection around the home. We offer a huge number of iPod docking stations from table mount through to wall mount and even an iServer - featuring an iPod with synchronisation over IP. Synchronising over IP allows a track or podcast to be downloaded in to iTunes and be instantly available anywhere in the home without messy cables. Our docking stations enable you to enjoy the same music in the home as on the move!

Apple iPad Integration & Distribution

The Apple iPad is a remarkable feat of engineering and allows the same device to control the home and distribute digital media. The HD screen lends itself to becoming a touchpanel allowing easy control of the home inclkuding source selection, volume control even lights and blinds! We are experts in integrating the iPad as a source enabling the Spotify or Last.FM application on the iPad to be enjoyed through high quality in-ceiling speakers throughout the home. We can even take internet video streams, such as Youtube, and display them on any TV in the home care of our Crestron Digital Media Installations.

Apple TV Distribution Through the Home

Our Digtial Media systems make distribution and control of Apple TV easy. Listening to music, watching internet TV and buying films of iTunes is as easy as using Sky TV. Our systems distribute the Apple TV picture and sound at the highest possible levels ensuring any TV in the home can benefit from the services on offer.

As with all our systems flexibility is the key - Apple devices are simply other devices for us to integrate and control

Bespoke AV Installation

Stunning AV Systems Designed & Installed

We are experts in discreet audio video installations - we hide equipment away and provide invisible installations. TV's hang on the wall with no wires visible yet they have access to the full range of sources from Sky HD Receivers through to centralised DVD jukeboxes. Speaker systems can either be built in to the walls or hung on the walls like pieces of art - complete with your own artwork on the grilles.

Sympathetic Audio Video Installations

We have lots of experience installing audio video equipment in to a variety of environments - from listed buildings through to ultra-modern and contemporary interiors. Each project demands a fresh approach to cabling and blending the technology in to the room. All our systems are bespoke so as the home owner you are guaranteed a unique install designed to match your needs and your interior.

Installation Only or Full Supply & Fit

We are equally happy to install all a clients equipment or design and supply an entire system. Most of our fuller home systems incorporate some client equipment. We have teams of high end installation engineers working out of our London and Manchester offices.