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Lighting Control

Advanced Home Lighting Control Systems

Save Energy Whilst Making the Most of Your Home

We specialise in designing and installing lighting control systems for the home - from whole house lighting control systems through to scene setting in individual rooms. Our systems can offer any of the following:

  • One touch control of all lighting in the home
  • Lighting scenes in every room of the home
  • Curtains and blinds closing automatically or at the touch of a button
  • Lights simulating your usual activity when you are out
  • Easily adjustable lighting scenes which are easily recalled
  • Saving energy simply by having your lighting as you want

Our advanced lighting control systems give you all the above - precise control over every light in the home whilst saving energy. Our lighting control systems are taken in to account by planners whilst evaluating new build properties - contributing to the overall efficiency of the building.

Recalling a lighting scene is as easy as tapping one button on a labelled keypad - with each button labelled for an activity (for instance reading, entertaining or watching a film).

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Whole House Mood Lighting Control Systems

Precise Control over Light Dimming Levels for Scene Setting.

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Welcome to our lighting control section. We can install remote lighting control systems in either new build or retro fit into existing houses with the minimum of disturbance. Our lighting control systems can give you precise control over each light in a room. Lighting scenes enable you as the homeowner to show your home at it's best, adding atmosphere through independently controlled lights.

Whole Home Light Dimming System Installation

Different light dimming scenes can be tailored to your requirements and accessed from just one key press. One light switch could illuminate the home and garden, we can even set the control system to remember the last two weeks lighting pattern and repeat it when in holiday mode. Combined with curtain control the house looks lived in even when you are away.

Single Room Light Dimming Systems & Curtain Control Systems

In addition to whole house lighting control we also install systems which are ideally suited for single rooms such as home cinemas or living rooms. Crestron and Lutron manufacture products which incorporate features such as motion detection, day light sensors, blind & curtain integration and remote controls. Lighting scenes are configured via the front panel of the dimmer unit and are therefore easily changeable by the home owner after installation.

Lighting Plan Creation - Making the Best of your Home

Our team can work with you to produce a lighting plan - how do you use each room? what do you have on display? what times of the day do use the room? We can then create custom scenes linked to each activity, for example reading, Watching TV or Party. To activate these scenes would be as easy as pressing the relevant button on a keypad.

Types of Lighting for Different Activities

We can incorporate almost any type of light fitting into our custom light scenes.This gives us the flexibility to recommend different types of light for different uses whilst allowing us to perform certain lighting tricks to, for instance, make a room seem taller or wider. We may choose to use small groups of low lights in lounges and living rooms to give a cosy feel whereas we may use task lighting in a kitchen. Kitchens are excellent spaces for our lighting control systems, people tend to use a kitchen for different uses depending on the occasion - cooking at one part of the night and entertaining later in the evening. Our systems can quickly change the mood of the room by pressing one button.

Each system is unique and tailored to your requirements but we usually install from one of the following manufacturers - Crestron, Lutron, iLight or Rako. These systems can either be standalone or part of a whole house control system.

Intelligent Whole Home Mood Lighting Control Systems

Our lighting systems add a sense of luxury to your home - a well designed, and controlled, lighting system will show your home at it's best whilst creating different moods for different activities. Take the example of a typical living room, the room may contain 4 channels of lighting (ceiling pendant light, wall lights and two individual table lamps), imagine being able to precisely set the levels on those lamps and instantly recall those settings at the push of a button. For example the room may be darker for television watching than for reading and these scenes might be very different than when you are entertaining.

Improved Security through Lighting Control

The majority of our lighitng control systems will take steps to improve your security too - features such as recording your usual lighting patterns for playback when you are out and automatically bringing external lights on when darkness falls are all common place. These simple steps increase your personal security by ensuring you dont return to a dark house and make your home look occupied to passers by.

Single Room Lighting Controls

We dont just do whole house lighting systems, we do smaller control systems which are ideal for one or two rooms so you can get all the benefits in key rooms of the house. Some of these systems are also suitable for retrofitting in to existing properties too.

Scene Setting Lighting Control Systems for the Home

Ambient Lighting Control Systems - Advanced Scene Control

Our lighting control systems enable the home owner to create scenes to be recalled at the touch of a button. A single room typically has multiple uses - for example a living room may be a TV watching room, a reading room and an entertaining space. Creating lighting scenes can give you different levels of lighting for different activities including a light setting for cleaning or trying to find a lost article.

Using Lighting Scenes to Create Ambience.

Lighting plays a huge part in our feelings - the same room can feel completely different just be changing the ambient lighting levels. A room with a low ambient light level, with points of interest such as tables and pictures picked out, naturally invokes a feeling of calm and tranquility whereas a room with high ambient light levels can be difficult to fully relax in. We often use lighting in our home cinema installations to create a sense of occasion and anticipation by dimming lights as the films starts.

Our lighting systems allow users to have precise control of lighting levels - available for instant recall via pre-programmed scenes.

Automatic Curtain & Blind Control Systems

Increase Convenience & Security - Automate Curtains & Blinds

Adding curtains and blinds in to a lighting control system can create a truly automated home - curtains and blinds close automatically when darkness falls and can open automatically at sunrise. Our systems can even give you control at the push of a button which can qutomatically be replicated when you aren't at home. This holiday mode esnures that your home always looks occupied as curtains and blinds follow your ususal pattern.

Advanced Heating and Lighting Control

Advanced control of curtains and blinds can also be used to naturally regulate temperature in the home, if lighting levels are high and the temperature is rising in rooms on one side of the house our systems can close the blinds a small amount to regulate the temperature - saving on the use of expensive air conditioning. The more intense the sunlight the more the blinds can close. The same lighting control system can also be used to protect fabric on soft furnishings, artwork and other items in rooms from the bleaching effect of direct sunlight.

Incorporate Curtains & Blinds in to Lighting Scenes

Our lighting control systems can incorporate curtain and blind control in to lighting scenes - allowing one button press to automatically bring on lighting to preset levels and close curtains and blinds. One button press can even close blinds in all the communal rooms in the home.

Single Room Light Dimming Systems for the Home

Mood Lighting Control Systems for Single Rooms

Installing a mood lighting system in a single room can make a lot of sense - they are easily installed during renovation and extension projects and provide convenience and mood lighting. More and more households are opting for multi-use kitchen / diner / living rooms. These large rooms really benefit from a lighting system - ensuring that lighting is just right for any activity - whether cooking, dining or watching TV.

Installing Single Room Dimming Solutions

The majority of our lighting control systems require different wiring than a traditional lighting system so it makes sense to install them either during a renovation or when creating an extension. For our systems each lighting channel would be wired back to a central dimmer. A lighting channel can be one or more lights, the more the lights in the room are split in to channels the more control of lighing you will eventually have. Lighting keypads (not to be confused with standard light switches) are wired in low voltage cable and allow any of the centrally wired channels to be controlled by a single button press. In reality lighting keypads in different areas of the rooms may control channels local to them with an all off button allowing the whole room to be switched off at night.