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Luxury Home Cinema Installs - Cinemas Designed & Installed.

Bespoke Home Cinema Rooms Designed and Installed.

We specialise in installing high quality home cinema systems, we regularly design home cinemas for a huge range of budgets - from £10,000 to £200,000. We are able to produce 3D models of the finished home cinema room, ensuring complete satisfaction with the finished home cinema. We source products from a huge array of manufacturers (most only available to the trade) to ensure that we make the most of your budget and create a home cinema you will be amazed by!

If you have ever thought about the following then please get in touch:

  • Installing a Dedicated Home Theatre Room
  • Converting a Garage in to a Home Cinema
  • Converting a Cellar in to a Home Cinema
  • Having an invisible Home Cinema installed in your Living Room.

Our home cinema installation's allow the whole famiily to enjoy films in the home, in perfect comfort. Even our more economical systems can provide an experience comparable or better than your local multiplex. We have access to equipment unavailable to diy installers and we spend many hours ensuring combinations of devices work together in perfect harmony and deliver the most impact for a given budget.

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Luxury Home Cinema Installation & Design

Precise Control over Light Dimming Levels for Scene Setting.

Welcome to the custom home cinema installation section. We design and install bespoke home cinema rooms either as completely stand alone or part of a wider house system. We source the best audio visual (AV) equipment available to complement your room and satisfy your requirements. We are experts in home cinema design and we often create videos to demonstrate our concepts.

Stunning Sound Systems from the Best Manufacturers

We have access to the best sound systems available - we pick the best elements from different manufacturers to ensure the best possible sound for your budget. We choose speaker systems from Bowers & Wilkins, Artcoustic and PMC depending on budget and room configuration. We are dealers for some of the best source component and amplifier manufacturers in the world - Bryston and Classe to name two.

Perfect Pictures for the Cinema Experience!

The number of display options we can install is huge - we pick the best solution for your room and budget from plasma displays (50" up to 103"!) through to projectors and screens (from the likes of SIM2 and Runco). We are expert installers of curved and masking projection screens.

Simple to Use Custom Home Cinema Controls

Control systems excel in complex cinema rooms - one remote control touchpanel replaces a myriad of handheld remote controls. Imagine if one button press could close the curtains, dim the lights, lower the projector from the roof and set the intercom to do not disturb, whilst you settle down to your favourite film.

Kaleidescape DVD & Music Server Installations

Choosing a film has never been easier than with a Kaleidescape DVD server! The amazing interface re-orders films around your selection by genre, actor etc. This 'shuffle' can revolutionise the way you enjoy films and is as easily operated by children as adults (access to films can be restricted by a PIN if required). The servers are stackable so the system can accommodate any size film collection.

Home Cinema Media Wall Design & Installation

As part of our custom home cinema design and installation service we can also offer custom media walls. We have worked on a number of projects with a Joinery firm whose standard of work is excellent - demonstrated by many years building and installing media walls for nationwide clients. A well designed media wall is a great way to accommodate home cinema equipment - the bespoke approach ensures a truly joined up feel to the room and can be all the difference between a collection of equipment and an integrated home cinema system.

Custom Home Cinema Seating

We can supply several different ranges of custom home cinema seating to ensure sizes and styles that fit your room and your seating specification. All of our home cinema seats have one thing in common - quality. We install dedicated home cinema seating and modular sofas and chairs - the modular systems provide a more relaxed feel and can be easier to accommodate in to awkward shaped rooms. The relationship we have with the providers of our modular systems also enables us to provide side tables, sideboards and book shelves to ensure a truly coherent design.

High End installers of Dedicated Home Cinema Rooms

Surpass the Cinema Experience in your own Home!

Dedicated Home Cinema rooms are our speciality. Did you know getting the cinema experience in your own home is easy? We often convert cellars, attics and garages into home cinemas. Most dedicated rooms need a screen over 100 inches to really make the viewer feel they are getting the 'big screen experience'. We have sound systems available from major manufacturers which will wow at most price points - Artcoustic, Bowers & Wilkins and PMC all make systems which are designed to give the best possible experience for a given budget.We have teams of joiners and interior designers to deliver a truly expectional home cinema room for any given budget.

Types of Room which are Suitable for a Cinema

Almost any room in the home can be turned in to a cinema, using Acoustiblok even lets us sound proof the room from the rest of the household. We regularly convert cellars, attics and garages in to cinema's - they tend to be dark places which are tucked out of the way - in other words perfect viewing conditions! The cinema room is one place were keeping natural light to a minimum reaps rewards, home cinema projectors produce much more vivid pictures with better contrast in spaces with lower ambient light.

Home Cinema Seating & Acoutsic Treatments

Our Home Cinema Seating options are custom designed for your family and ensure a perfect viewing experience. For a younger family our range of day beds are a popular choice - allowing children to lie back fully and doze if the mood takes. For older families then a dedicated seat each complete with Crowson Actuators will allow you to feel the action at the same time as watching - creating a superb viewing experience. Utilising acoustic treatments from the same manufacturer as the seating allows us to co-ordinate the whole room's looks and ensure a very special feeling to the room.

Bespoke Home Media Rooms - Designed & Installed

Bespoke Media Rooms Installed & Designed

We install bespoke media rooms to enable you and your family to enjoy films in the comfort of your own home and at substantially better quality than your local multiplex. We can install media rooms to suit any budget and can personalise the room to your requirements, ensuring the whole family enjoy the experience and creating a special environment. We can also create rooms which minimise sound leakage in to the rest of the home ensuring enjoyment of the room doesn't impact everyone in the home.

Distribute Audio and Video around the Home

We source the best equipment available, to suit a variety of budgets, to bring your home alive. Imagine having iTunes or your CD collection everywhere in the home, we can even integrate Spotify to provide an unlimited music library streamed via the internet. Picking your music or films is easier than having the physical collection in your hands - search by artist, album or track name or even flick through cover art for each of your albums or films. Our Kaleidescape systems will even intelligently shuffle your covers to show similar albums in your collection, revolutionising the way you enjoy your favourite music. Our systems distribute HD Video around the home enabling every display to watch any HD source at once - so every TV in the home can watch the same SkyHD channel or each watch an independent source. The key to all our systems is flexibility - any source to any destination at any time.

Luxury Home Theatre Installations & Design

Premium Home Theatre Room Design & Installation

We design and install one-off premium home theatre's and cinema's. Each installation is unique and tailored perfectly to your needs. We draw on our substantial experience to ensure the room meets your exacting demands from a technology point of view - we will source the best hardware available for your budget and then ensure it is delivering the best possible experience by setting it up properly. We also put a lot of effort in to the aesthetics and feel of the room - we can create a mini oasis where you can unwind or create a sense of luxury and anticipation for the serious film buff.

Kaleidescape DVD & Music Servers

Kaleidescape DVD servers add a sense of luxury to any home cinema lucky enough to contain one. The unique interface makes people realise they are about to experience something special before the film has even started! The servers are expandable and there is virtually no limit to the number of films it can hold. The Kaleidescape 1080 Movie Player takes your existing DVD's and scales them up to high definition - allowing you to enjoy your movies in a way you haven't been able to before.

Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater 800 & Classé Amplifiers

The perfect partner for the Kaleidescape DVD server is a Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater 800 speaker installation. Powered by Classé amplifiers this system will be the best you have ever heard. The system takes home theatre to a completely different level - elements such as multiple subwoofers allow us to steer bass around the room - this ensures an extremely life like sound quality and brings films to life like never before. We are able to organise auditions of this system for serious customers - prepare to be amazed.

Cineak Theatre Seating & Acoustic Treatments

The perfect home theatre needs to have extremely comfortable seats - the whole experience can be ruined by uncomfortable seating. The Cineak range is impressive and spans day beds to electronic reclining chairs ensuring there is a comfortable option for all. One of our clients likened his new seating to first class airline seating. The range of fabrics and finishes allows us to tie the seating in to the overall feel and mood of the room and things like cup holders and foot rests can provide the finishing touches. Cineak Acoustic panels allow us to enhance the acoustic qualities of the room easily and, again, due to the huge variety of fabrics and colours they can tie in with the overall room design.

Custom High End Home Cinema Seating Specialists

Suppliers & Installers of Beautiful Home Cinema Seating

We are specialist installers of home cinema seating - we are experts at designing the right seating solution for your home cinema and your family. We have a huge range of seating available from the worlds leading manufacturers - including Cineak, CinemaTech and Elite - which guarantee comfort for all. We regularly produce illustrations to show how your new home cinema room will look with seating in place.

Bespoke Home Cinema Seating Suppliers

High end home cinema seating has specialist features such as reclining mechanisms and articulated head rests to guarantee comfort. We have a huge range of styles available from traditional cinema chairs to the more informal lounger style of day bed. Most manufacturers have a large range of coverings and offer accessories such as cup holders, champagne buckets and cigar holders.

Crowson Home Cinema Actuators in Home Cinema Seating

The perfect addition to any home cinema seating is the addition of Crowson home cinema actuators. These actuators enable you to feel effects through your chair as they happen giving a much more involving home cinema experience without needing to increase volume levels beyond a comfortable level. In our Bowers & Wilkins CT800 installations we can even install stereo actuators so you can feel effects moving across the screen!

Cineak Day Beds for Home Cinemas

Cineak day beds can be a great solution for home cinemas, enjoying a film can now be one of the most comfortable and relaxing activities in the home. The day bed below could happily accommodate the whole family and provides enough space for young children to doze whilst mum and dad enjoy the film.

Custom Home Cinema Lighting Design

Our lighting design services can ensure you get a real sense of anticipation and comfort in your new home cinema. Linking lighting scenes in to a Kaleidescape Server system can automatically dim the lights when a film starts and rise them again during an intermission or when the film stops.

Home Cinema Installations in Basements

The Perfect Environment for a Home Cinema

We are experts in converting sub-terranean spaces in to Home Cinema's. We have professional relationships with teams of Architects & Builders (from each of our offices covering the north and south of the country) to ensure you get the best possible home cinema room. We work with the architects to implement several techniques to get the most out of the conversion such as room shape, to provide the best possible audio experience, and lining with Acoustiblok, to ensure sound doesn't disrupt the household.

Is a Basement a Suitable Area for a Home Cinema?

Basements by their very nature tend to be dark spaces isolated from the rest of the home - in short the perfect environment for home cinema! Projector based home cinema installations love darker environments (as it enables the projector to produce darker blacks and therefore better contrast) and the isolated nature enables us to create an oasis in the home. We regularly install home cinemas with projection screens over 100" and enough home cinema seating to accomodate the entire family and guests.

The Whole Process Managed from Start to Finish

We can manage the whole process for you - from an initial site meeting we will produce 3D imagery of the finished room, once signed off the next decision you need to make is which film to watch first. We will handle the whole renovation and fit out - managing all sub contractors, paperwork and agreements, ensuring a completely hassle free conversion.

Experts in Home Cinema Lighting

Mood Lighting Systems for Home Cinema Installation's

Our mood lighting systems are the perfect choice for home cinema installations - they can control any number of lights to create atmosphere in the room. By creating scenes we can instantly recall lighting levels to ensure the perfect viewing environment. We can even integrate the lighting system with the home cinema equipment to automatically dim the lights when a film starts, returning to previous levels automatically when the film stops or is paused!

Lighting Design for Home Cinema Rooms

We are experts in creating lighting schemes for home cinema's. It is important to treat home cinema room's differently than the rest of the house as there needs to be more of an emphasis on lower lighting levels - different light fittings are used to highlight architectural features during film watching. It is important that users of the room can navigate successfully without having to change scenes during a viewing.

Light Fittings for Home Cinema Rooms

In addition to installing lighting control systems we can also supply all the light fittings required for your home cinema room - we often use LED lamps and rope lights in home cinema's as they can create small pools of light whilst keeping ambient light levels low. Using narrow beam lamps and reflectors enables us to pick out elements of the home cinema design whilst ensuring low ambient light levels - ensuring high contrast and dark blacks are delivered by the projector.

Home Cinema Systems - Example Packages

Example Systems to Demonstrate the Possibilities

Every home cinema we install is unique - each client is individual and therefore demands a unique approach and finish in the home cinema. We put these packages together to indicate the difference's between different budgets - each cinema is excellent in it's own right and will impress.

Platinum - Budget Approximately £150,000

This home cinema is as good as it gets - built in Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theatre 800 speakers provide a stunning soundtrack powered by huge Bryston amplifiers. The Sim2 C3X1080 projector easily fills the 140" auto masking screen and films are served up by a combination of Kaleidescape DVD server and BluRay Player - decoding the latest HD Audio soundtrack. Extremely comfortable home cinema seating from Cineak ensures maximum enjoyment for the whole family.

Gold - Budget Approximately £75,000

In this cinema a Sim2 HT380 projector works in conjunction with a 100" projector screen to provide an outstanding visual experience backed up Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theatre 700 speakers featuring two subwoofers and Classe amplifiers. A Kaleidescape Mini System serves up DVD's on demand supported by a BluRay player. Very few people who have heard or seen a home cinema approaching this quality.

Silver - Budget Approximately £30,000

This home cinema may have the lowest budget in the group but don't feel it is a compromise in any way - a Sim2 D80E provides a very clear picture on an 8' cinema screen. Sound is more than adequately handled by the amazing Artcoustic Spitifre 4-2-1 system - this sound system plays up to 122dB ensuring sound to fill even the largest rooms - crucially with a very nice transparent sound. The Artcoustic 4-2-1 featrues it's own amplification - even for it's 3 subwoofers!