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Crestron Digital Media - HD Audio & Video Distribution

Full High Definition Video & Audio over One Wire.

The Crestron Digital Media system enables High Definition audio and video distribution around the home. Any variety of sources (HD and non HD) can be plugged in and distributed around the home at high definition levels. Distributing Sky HD enables recordings and HD TV to be enjoyed anywhere in the home whilst Apple TV gives easy access to online content and iTunes music. The Digital Media matrix comes in various varieties including an 8x8 (DM-MD8x8 with 8 in and 8 out) and 16x16 (DM-MD16x16). The DM solution can even use inexpensive Cat5e cable making the cabling easy and cheap to install. Room Controllers and receivers (DM-RM-100) take the signal and present it to the display, making the display think it has the source locally plugged in. Controlling the display is also a breeze thanks to the serial port, infrared port or relays built in to the DM-RM-100. We have dedicated pages on the Digital Media Switchers and Digital Media Room Controllers.

Whole House High Definition Home Entertainment Systems

Crestron Digital Media distribution enables whole house distribution of audio and video sources. Now you can watch Sky HD or your Kaleidescape DVD server in high definition in any room. Distributing HDMI has its challenges but Crestron Digital Media is the first system to allow any combination of AV sources to be distributed throughout your home. Sources are distributed in their native format, with no compression, over a choice of Cat5e or Cat6 cabling - for extremely long distances they even have a fibre solution! A full selection of input cards ensures older non HDMI sources can easily be accommodated too. The DM-MD8X8 (pictured) accepts 8 inputs and will distribute to 8 outputs whilst supporting HDMI 1.3 and 7.1 channel HD loss less audio, on each output. There is also the DM-MD16X16 and DM-MD32x32 for even more flexibility!

HD Room Receivers and Controllers

The DM-RMC-100 is the ultimate room receiver for high definition distribution. Not only does it accept HD audio and video from the DM-MD8X8 in the rack but it allows us to input games consoles and USB keyboards and mice for PC control. The room controller has serial and ir outputs enabling us to control your TV and even has relay outputs in case you want to incorporate a TV lift! This room controller provides us with the ultimate flexibility and enables us to offer a whole host of control options in addition to HD audio & video distribution. It mounts on a standard UK back box and will easily be accommodated behind wall mounted screens. We now have a dedicated page on the Crestron Digital Media Room Receivers & Controllers.

Digital Media Wall Plate Transmitter

The recent release of the DM-TX-400-3G increases the flexibility of the Digital Media system - imagine sending a source from a remote room to the digital media system. This unit makes games console integration a dream - passing video (either Digital or Analogue), audio and even USB back to the head end. Another exciting use could be sending audio and video from a docked Apple IPOD or IPAD back to the control system for viewing on the TV in the room and listening through the integrated speakers!

USB Control & Distribution

The Digital Media system is excellent at distributing USB around the home. This means a USB keyboard and mouse plugged in to either a DM-RMC or a V-Panel touchpanel can control a PC or Apple Mac in the rack. If a wireless dongle is used then controlling a PC from the comfort of the sofa becomes possible!

Sky HD Distribution - Access your recordings from Anywhere in the Home

Distributing Sky HD around the home makes perfect sense - excellent picture quality, sound and access to all your recordings - yet has previously been a nightmare to achieve. Less sophisticated HDMI distribution systems will cause a TV to flicker or even switch off completely when another room tries to access the same SK HD receiver. With Crestron Digital Media up to 16 TV's can watch the same Sky HD receiver simultaneously - with no loss of picture quality or issue when any TV switches on or off.

HD DVD & BluRay Distribution & Integrating Apple TV

In addition to distributing Sky HD around the home Crestron Digital Media can also distribute Bluray films around the home. Our systems easily allow people in different rooms to easily view the same or different films - you can even pause a film in the living room and continue watching in the bedroom! Integrating Apple TV allows all the benefits you would expect - iTunes music playback, Youtube viewing & photo slide shows - available wherever you choose.

More Information about Crestron Digital Media

We have recently completed one of the first Crestron Digital Media Installations in the UK (pictured above), please view the case studies page for more information.

Crestron Sonnex Multiroom Audio System

High End Audio Distribution from an All-In-One Design

The Crestron Sonnex audio distribution system enables us to distribute audio over huge properties with ease. It is built on the same principles as Digital Media 8G allowing up to 48 channels of uncompressed 24-bit HD audio to be sent down one shielded Cat5e cable. This enables us to place amplifiers close to rooms providing more power and better acoustics. The Sonnex system allows any of the 24 possible sources to be enjoyed independently in 8 rooms. Adding more zones is as easy as adding a Sonnex expander - up to a total of 74 zones!

High Power with Huge Flexibility!

The Sonnex system will even process digital audio allowing a digital sources to be distributed around the home. Advanced equaliser functions allow us to tailor the acoustics to a particular room - even allowing us to nominate one of the outputs as a subwoofer channel. We are designing systems utilising passive Artcoustic on-wall Subwoofers providing a 2.1 speaker configuration in key rooms. This is a no compromise solution to music distribution! The amplifier can power the biggest speakers with an impressive 240Watt output which can be scaled down to ensure suitability for smaller speakers too.

The flexibility and quality of the Crestron Sonnex system is perfect for the vast majority of our installations and is featuring heavily in our new designs.

Crestron Control Systems - Home Entertainment & Automation

Crestron Home Technology can encompass many things - Home Cinema, AV distribution, Lighting and Window coverings, Security & Intercom and Climate control. Custom designed touchpanel's (TPMC-6X) can provide an intuitive interface ensuring one consistent look and feel to control many different devices. Every room can view the door camera (see AXIS IP CCTV products) and communicate with a visitor via the same touchpanel which controls audio and lighting. Wifi touchpanel's (TPMC-8X) can give you freedom to roam round a room and even have access to the internet and Skype. We now have dedicated pages with more information on Crestron Processors and Crestron touchpanel's (including the new Crestron HD V-Panels).

Crestron Multi-Room Audio & Video Distribution

Audio and Video distribution can occur over inexpensive Cat5e cable and still be at the highest 1080p quality available. Integration with an audio or DVD server (Kaleidescape) can give access to the full music (AAS) or film collection throughout the property with different rooms watching or listening to the same thing simultaneously. Integrated satellite receivers can allow you to view recorded programs anywhere in the home - even whilst in the bath! Touchpanel's can give you one button control over complex systems - pressing DVD in the lounge can switch the TV on and automatically display your DVD's on screen. Children as young as 3 or 4 can easily select appropriate films and begin watching without assistance. We also have a page on Crestron & iPod integration.

Crestron High Definition Digital Media Distribution Solutions

The new Digital Media solutions from Crestron provide the ultimate in whole house high definition audio video distribution. Centralised sources can be distributed to up to 16 rooms with each room benefiting from uncompressed high definition video (up to 1080p/60) and audio (7.1 HD loss less audio). We have a dedicated page available for Crestron Digital Media Solutions

Crestron Intelligent Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control (CLSI-C6) can really enhance your space - the lights can dim when a film starts and raise automatically when the film is paused or ends. Lighting scenes can raise or lower light levels at the touch of a button (C2N-CBF). This activity, coupled with curtain and blind control, can be replayed when in holiday mode, automatically replaying the last two weeks activity. Please also see our dedicated Crestron lighting and home automation page.

Crestron Remote Home Automation Controls

Our Crestron installations can give you control of your home from anywhere in the world. We can control anything electrical and regularly design systems to switch on pool heaters remotely or increase the heating to ensure your home is warm and welcoming when you arrive. Ski Chalets can even be contacted via mobile phone on the last run of the day to ensure the jacuzzi and sauna are warm when you get home! Security integration allows us let you know should the alarm activate and allow you to view CCTV cameras to check the property either via the internet or on a mobile phone.

Crestron & Spotify Integration- Never buy Music Again!

We have recently completed a Spotify & Crestron integration application - this allows you to stream music from the internet in to any room of your house. Any Crestron touchpanel enables the client to search for an artist or track and either play them directly or add them to a play list. The possibilities for parties is huge - the world's best Jukebox! Click here for a video and more information.

Crestron Lighting Controls & Building Management

Crestron Lighting Control & Home Automation Installations

LightSource by Crestron is the most comprehensive lighting control and automation system available. Crestron have utiltised their extensive knowledge to ensure seamless integration with the entire Crestron range whilst providing stand alone Lighting control and dimming. We have lots of experience designing and installing Crestron lighting systems - either stand alone or part of a whole home audio visual installation and can control any type of lamp.

Crestron Lighting Keypads & TouchScreen Panels

The range includes a huge variety of keypads and touchpanels, available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Due to our custom programming services there is no need to visit every room closing blinds and setting light levels. One button press on your Crestron interface can set the rooms to your nighttime scene - blinds closed, curtains drawn and lights at your preferred levels. Should you wish to change the use of a room, for instance entertaining rather than watching a film, one button press will change the light levels.

Crestron Professional Home Automation & Lighting Controls

Crestron's PAC2 processor is specifically designed to be house in one of their architectural lighting enclosures and allows seamless integration with the rest of the Crestron range of products such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), Security and Audio Visual systems.

Crestron Digital Light Dimming Control Solutions

The Crestron range of digital light dimming solutions includes products for most applications - we can dim mains, lox voltage lights, compact fluorescent and LED's. The actual dimmers are hidden away with only a stylish keypad on show and are scalable - we design light dimming systems for one room through to whole house and office block systems. The range is complemented by devices like motion detectors and light sensors. Imagine the lights automatically switching on when you enter a room or the lights slowly rising as dusk falls. The same light sensor could also drop the blinds or close the curtains should the light be too bright on a summers day - resulting in perfect lighting whatever the weather.

Lighting & Home Automation Accessories

Daylight sensors can automatically raise the lights when darkness falls whilst lowering blinds or drawing curtains. These daylight sensors are part of the new lighting panel range pictured right which means each room can have independent control.

Crestron DIN-Rail Lighting and Control Modules

New from Crestron are the GreenLight DIN-Rail modules - designed to take up less space than the traditional light dimming equipment. The range is perfect for small spaces and includes modules to dim low voltage lamps, incandescent and 2 wire dimmable fluorescent - among other things.

Crestron Boardroom & Office Installations

Every Office & Meeting Room Connected

The commercial range from Crestron is designed around the Every Room Connected principle.This delivers complete control and connectivity for every room in the scheme via a number of products - FlipTops and touchpanels; AV Switchers and distribution systems. The introduction of the Media Manager family has meant the solution is now more cost effective than ever. Products like the MPS-200 have multiple video and computer inputs, built in audio routing & amplification as well as the usual Crestron source control options.Add in lighting, electric blinds and microphones and one box will handle an entire boardroom. The UPX-2 range takes the Media Manager to another level - similar functionality but with the addition of a built in PC. Multiple scalable windows give the ultimate control to the presenter and allow full preview and control of sources on the podium. Removing the need for a separate PC ensures full integration and the freedom to perform presentations like never before. We now have dedicated pages with more information on Crestron Processors, Crestron touchpanels and Crestron Media Presentation Systems.

Crestron Meeting Room Audio Visual & Control Solutions

iMedia is a one wire solution which transmits power, control, video, computer and audio over a single Cat5e cable. Designed for low cost one room solutions the iMedia family is perfect for classrooms. QuickMedia has a similar approach to iMedia but is designed for larger spaces like auditoriums, lecture theaters etc. Cable runs on QuickMedia products can run over 300 feet whilst still allowing full control and multiple source locations via FlipTop floor boxes.

Crestron Adagio Multi-Room Installations

Multi-Room AV, Home Automation & Control

The Crestron Adagio range is expanding rapidly to provide high quality cost effective home automation solutions. The system starts with an Adagio Entertainment System (AES)- One processor will take control of 10 sources and distribute the audio to 6 rooms. Distributing CD, MP3 and Radio is extremely straightforward. Additional expander units can add another 6 rooms in moments whilst a Music Server (click for a page dedicated to the Crestron AAS) can allow 4 rooms to listen to different CD's or MP3's at once! Individual room control can be via a variety of options - the APAD was custom designed for this market but the system is equally at home with a 4" colour touchpanel (TPS-4L) or a 8.4" wifi tablet (TPMC-8X).

IPOD Docks, iServer & Adagio Digital Media System (ADMS)

Adding IPOD docking station's & iServer's can ensure kids always have access to their music, not just in their bedrooms but anywhere in the property. With Adagio every room truly is connected! The new Crestron iServer even updates the inbuilt IPOD automatically when you download new music in to iTunes. The new Crestron ADMS-BR is set to revolutionise the way digital media is handled in the home - playing DVD's and Blue Ray films from disks and allowing movie streaming from online providors.

Advanced Image Processing & Scaling (Crestron AMS-AIP)

New to the Adagio range is the Adagio Media System (AMS-AIP) - with HDMI routing(1080p upscaling), scalable Picture in Picture (perfect for security camera feeds), 7 channel surround sound and music distribution to up to 6 rooms one box can really do it all. Advanced image scaling technology will take your standard video sources and scale them up ready for a HD ready TV. Not only do you ensure the best possible picture but one cable connects to the TV, making a discreet install easier.

The Adagio range also works seamlessly with the rest of the Crestron range providing a huge number of automation options. Please see our dedicated Crestron Lighting page.

Crestron Prodigy - Affordable Automation & Home Audio

Affordable Home Automation & Multi-Room Audio

The new Crestron Prodigy range opens up markets previously unable to afford the premium Crestron Home Automation ranges. The entire range is designed to be simple to install and program whilst also benefiting from a relatively low cost purchase price. The wireless nature of the products enables retrofitting with the minimum of disturbance and allows the home owner to add functionality as funds allow or the project develops.

Wireless Home Automation & Multi-Room Audio

At the heart of any good home automation system is a controller and the Crestron Prodigy PMC2+ does a great job of controlling a home cinema or a multi-room audio system. The processor ships with a remote control and contains a host of connection options. Installed in a lounge the PMC2+ can easily take control of all your audio visual equipment - allowing one button press to switch all your equipment on to the right inputs etc.In addition to home cinema control the system can easily be expanded to provide whole house music and lighting control. Adding a prodigy multi-zone amplifier (PAMP-4X100) can allow you to distribute your favourite music and radio (by installing the PT-AMFMXM tuner) around the home. Controlling the audio in your additional rooms is straightforward either via a 4" wireless touchpanel (PTL4) or a Prodigy handheld touchpanel (PTX3). You can even add the Prodigy interface for IPOD to use your IPOD as a source in your multi-room surround sound system.

Wireless Lighting and Climate Control

Wireless lighting keypads (P-CBD-6) and thermostats enable the prodigy system to provide very easy home automation of an individual room or home. Fitting a lighting keypad in a bedroom is now as simple as mounting the keypad by the bed head - no need for messy and expensive cabling. Wireless thermostats (P-TSTATRF) can be mounted anywhere in the room and provide precise control of undefloor (or more conventional) heating.

Remote Control from Web Devices

In common with the rest of the Crestron range the whole system can be controlled from iPhone's or laptops allowing control options in secondary rooms or even from outside the home!
Please contact us to see how Prodigy could enhance your home!

Crestron Home Automation & Entertainment Systems

We install High End Home Entertainment and Automation Systems - specialising in large Residential Systems. We can and do control anything electrical in the home from BluRay players through to Jacuzzi's via Irrigation Systems and Air Conditioning.

Installing the Full Crestron Home Automation Range

With the Crestron range expanding daily and covering all aspects of home automation from lighting control through to audio and video distribution this relationship is invaluable. We are installing Crestron hardware in a huge variety of projects - residential, commercial, marine and education.

Accredited Crestron Programming & System Design

In addition to our Independent Crestron programming services we offer design, installation and commissioning to trade and private clients. We often perform work on behalf of other audio visual dealers or audio visual consultancies and are used to conducting ourselves as subcontractors on site. Please view our past and present client list to see where we have been working over the last year or so.

Crestron Spare Parts & Accessories

We have access to the full Crestron range and can therefore supply spare parts and custom engraved finishes for Crestron keypads and touchpanels

Lutron Homeworks Lighting Premier Dealer

Digital Whole House Lighting Control Systems

We are Lutron dealers and are able to offer the full Lutron range from Grafik Eye to Homeworks. We have lots of experience integrating Lutron lighting products with Crestron and AMX control systems. The lighting solutions from Lutron are ideally suited to a whole range of applications from residential through to commercial.

The technology can either be hard wired for new build or renovations or rely on radio frequency control with no new wiring.

Easy Lutron Homeworks Upgrades

New product developments mean that lighting circuits can be incorporated in to your existing homeworks system. Wall lighting keypads with built in radio communication allow your existing Homeworks system to control an extra room whilst utilising existing wiring.

Efficient, Durable & Convenient Lutron Light Dimming Controls

A 75% dimmed lamp saves 60% electricity and bulbs last more than 20 times longer. Due to the high levels of design and manufacture your dimmer will last for years - the company was founded in 1961 and many of the original dimmers are still in use today! Please view our past and present client list to see where we have been working over the last year or so.

Lutron Homeworks Programming, Design & Installation

TWe now have a dedicated section for Lutron Homeworks programming and design. This service is designed to help electricians who are installing for the first time or homeowners who have a lighting control system which they need configuring.

Lutron Service & Repairs

Due to our close working realtionship with Lutron we are able to source parts and spares at very short notice. We also have a team of Lutron trained engineers who operate nationally from our offices.

Lutron Homeworks Mood Lighting Systems


Undoubtedly Lutron lead the industry when it comes to Lighting Control systems. Their comprehensive product range spans dimmers and room controls, through to whole-home controls and large commercial systems.

Lutron Homeworks Installations - Whole House Lighting Control

The Homeworks interactive home lighting control system gives you the capability to interact with lighting, entertainment and security systems like never before. Full control of scenes throughout the home are at the touch of a button. Centralised dimmers ensure an economical and efficient approach to whole house lighting control. Lighting control keypads in rooms can control any number of lighting channels, either in the room or throughout the house. One button press can recall a scene which lights all communal areas - hall, stairs and landing - even outside lights. Any type of lamp can be included in lighting scenes from traditional incandescent lamps through to exotic neon's and LED's. If you have an existing Grafik Eye installation then expanding to a Homeworks system is easy - the Homeworks processor can utilise the Grafik Eye as a remote dimmer whilst still allowing local scene selection and design.

Holiday Mode - The Ultimate Convenience!

All our Lutron Homeworks installations contain one thing - holiday mode. The system records your activity over a two week period and replays it when you are out - increasing your security by making your home look occupied and providing convenience by ensuring you never return home to a dark and unwelcoming home again. We can give you a button to press when you are leaving to engage holiday mode or, our preferred solution, integrate the Homeworks system with your alarm - set the alarm and your lighting system automatically knows what to do!

Natural Light Control via Blinds & Curtains

The Sivoia QED natural light control system is the perfect addition to a Lutron Homeworks lighting system. The whisper quiet electronic curtain and blind motors allow subtle transitions which will not interrupt or affect activities. Integration of natural and electric light allows complete control in any space - increasing productivity, comfort and energy conservation.

Digital Lighting Control & Scene Selection

Since introducing the world's first solid state dimmer in 1961, Lutron innovations have transformed the world of lighting control. Digital Light Dimmers such as the designer 'Solina' can be used with table and floor lamps that do not contain integral dimmers. On the other hand, the 'Lyneo' preset slide dimmer with status light will control most light sources. Similarly the 'Rania' family of products are described as high-tech ultra quiet smart dimmers, and can be accompanied by remote control (Rania IR) for the ultimate in fingertip control.

Easily Upgrade your Lutron Homeworks Lighting System with RaniaRF

New product developments mean that new lighting circuits can be incorporated in to your existing Lutron Homeworks system. Wall lighting keypads with built in radio communication allow your existing Homeworks system to control the room without costly rewiring. We now have a dedicated page on the Lutron Rania RF Wireless Lighting Solution.

Lutron Grafik Eye Lighting Dimmers

Interactive Lighting Control for Single Rooms & Smaller Projects

The Lutron Grafik Eye is a great solution for single rooms or small lighting control systems. Each Grafik Eye can allow up to 6 lighting channels (for instance ceiling pendant, picture lights and a few table lamps) to be individually controlled to create a mood lighting scene.

Simple to Use - Recall Lighting Scenes at the Push of a Button

Recalling the saved lighting scene is as easy as pressing one button - changing the mood of the room is as easy as pressing another scene. It is even possible to alter the fade rate between scenes from instant to one hour. The traditional bank of dimmer switches can be replaced by a Grafik Eye and a remote keypad, ensuring your room looks at it's best. Each Grafik Eye can store and recall up to four lighting scenes and these scenes can contain multiple lamp types - incandescent, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, fluorescent or neon/cold cathode. This flexibility ensures the perfect solution for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Need a Bigger Solution?

The Grafik Eye is happy to run the lighting show on it's own or ganged together to provide for multiple rooms - should an even bigger and more flexible solution be required the Grafik Eye can be incorporated in to a fuller Homeworks lighting system. If you already have a Grafik Eye system in a room or two, and are interested in expanding, then the Lutron Homeworks RF system could be the answer. Simply install a Homeworks 4 or 8 series RF processor and Rania RF in the required rooms for a whole house solution.

Save Energy whilst Enjoying your Home

One of the biggest benefits of installing any of our lighting control systems, including Grafik Eye, is that they save energy - there is almost a 1:1 relationship between the electric load and the light output. Therefore dimming a lamp by 20% can save 20% of the energy used - and the slight reduction in brightness is difficult to notice in most situations. Factor this equation up for a whole house and take in to account occupancy sensors and rollback (automatically switching off lights which have been left on) and the benefits can be huge.

Lutron Homeworks RF - Wireless Lighting

Wireless Whole House Lighting Control

The Lutron RaniaRF lighting control system is the perfect way to upgrade existing and new homes. The control system is easily retrofitted to existing homes simply by swapping out the light switches. The Lutron RaniaRF dimmer allows local scene settings and allow Master Control light switches to be easily added for remote control and scene setting. Integration with a Lutron Homeworks system allows whole house lighting control - imagine being able to light all your communal areas from one button press at the front door - increasing security and convenience whilst showing your home at its best.

Homeworks RF - Retrofit Wireless Lighting Controls

The retrofit solution enables homes to be easily upgraded to whole home lighting control without any rewiring or mess. Lighting dimmers are available for a huge variety of lamp types and, on average, can dim around 500W. Lutron wireless control even extends to table lamps - simply plug your table lamp in to the Lamp dimmer module to give easy local control in addition to scene setting.

Easy Remote Control

Once the RaniaRF dimming units are installed there are many different control options - buttons on the front allow local lighting control and remote master control switches allow keypad control from anywhere in the home. Accessories like windscreen visor controls allow lamps to be switched on as you pull on the drive allowing increased security in addition to showing your home off to its best.

Holiday Mode, Security Mode and Rollback

All our Lutron Homeworks systems allow access to Holiday Mode - automatically playing back your usual lighting patterns when you are out, Security Mode - flashing external lights and disabling lighting keypads should your intruder alarm activate and rollback - automatically switching off lights which have been forgotten. Smart programming involving these features can ensure your Lutron system enhances the way you enjoy your home.

Lutron Sivoia Blinds

Whisper Quiet Electronic Blinds

Controlling lighting in the home or office involves more than dimming and switching lights. Managing natural light around the home increases privacy and security at night whilst protecting from harsh UV light during the day.

Integrate Lutron Sivoia QED with Homeworks

Integrating electronic blinds with homeworks makes perfect sense - programmable presets can be incorporated in to lighting scenes or given their own button on conveniently located lighting keypads. Lutron blinds, uniquely, move smoothly and in unison and are whisper quiet. Various sizes ensure the most discreet installation possible, different sizes are designed to move different sizes of fabric - up to 225 square feet at once.

Lutron Keypads for Homeworks Dimmers

Lighting Keypads for Ultimate Control of a Homeworks System

It is important to remember a Lutron lighting keypad performs no dimming locally, instead commands are sent back to a central Homeworks dimming system (either Homeworks 4 or Homeworks 8) where the button press is translated in to actions. This means a single press could bring one lamp on to 75% brightness, pressing the same button again could make it dim back down to 0%. Simple.

Advanced Home Lighting Control

The button press in the above paragraph performed one action but the Homeworks system could just as easily have been programmed to bring every light in the home on to a preset level - more commonly this might be communal areas and gardens. This scene setting provides huge amounts of convenience - imagine pressing one button and bringing your home lights on and closing your Sivoia QED blinds at the same time.

Lutron SeeTouch - Our Most Popular Keypad

The Lutron SeeTouch is by far our most popular keypad - it looks stylish, has a large number of finishes and is configurable in the field from two buttons to twelve. The SeeTouch also fits in a standard UK back box meaning installation is straightforward. Each button is custom engravable to easily identify lighting scenes even for a first time user of the system. The SeeTouch is also available as an RF version to enable easy integration and control of Homeworks RF system.

Lutron Signature Keypads

The signature keypad is, to many customers, the ultimate keypad. One options is a field paintable faceplate which means your decorator can literally paint the faceplate to match the interior decor - ensuring keypads blend in to the environment. Buttons can be engraved to ensure ease of use and a see through cover snaps over the faceplate to protect it in every day use. If customisation is really important the keypads can even ship with different coloured feedback LEDs - Green (Monterey) or Blue (Monaco). The button engraving colour can even match the LED colour, flexibility is the key with the keypads!

Lutron Architrave Keypads

The Architrave keypad can be an extremely good keypad to install in tight situations - it's ultra slim design ensures it can fit in to the tightest of spaces. It is actually designed to be fitted in to the architrave around a doorway yet still offers a huge amount of control. The architrave comes with five scene buttons and raise and lower as standard and comes with two types of buttons (slim which is pictured or wide). The faceplate is available in standard white or bright brass as standard with other finishes available on special order. Any type of faceplate can be custom engraved to aid use.

Lutron Lighting Installation Specialists

Lutron Lighting Controls Designed & Installed

Our team are experts in designing and installing Lutron systems - from Grafik Eye single room systems through to whole house Homeworks lighting controls. Every member of our team has been trained and accredited by Lutron and has experience 'in the field' installing their systems.

Lutron Homeworks Installation & Programming

Every member of our team is an accredited Homeworks installer and programmer - not only this but our practical experience ensures an easy to use and rewarding system. We use our lighting design experience to produce stunning lighting scenes which show your home off to it's fullest potential. We automatically create programming features such as holiday mode and automatic roll back of lights to ensure you feel the benefit of your lighting control system - increasing conveience and security whilst increasing your enjoyment of your home.

Grafik Eye Installation & Programming

The Grafik Eye system is a great product to work with - it tends to be the first step on the ladder of lighting control systems and as such people tend to love the scenes which can be produced. We use our lighting design experience to create scenes which show your home off at it's best. Our Grafik Eye installations tend to be in large open plan rooms, such as kitchen diner extensions, which really benefit from a bespoek lighting control system.

Polycom Video Conferencing Systems

Polycom RealPresence Experience High Definition - RPX400

The Polycom RealPresence telepresence solution is the most extraordinary video solution in the world. Large format, seamless video screens provide an uninterrupted view of the other room. True to Life dimensions provide realistic and dynamic group interaction with users at remote locations appearing to be in the room. Content can be dynamically shared via Personal Content Displays - ensuring everyone has access to the high definition content.

Polycom HD Video Conferencing Systems - HDX9000

The Polycom HDX9000 series allows us to integrate High Definition 720p resolution video conferencing in to our custom designed boardroom control systems. True HD video and StereoSurround audio combine with HD content sharing to provide the ultimate video conference experience. The HDX9000 allows us to build a video conference solution for every scenario - ceiling mount microphone arrays and eagle eye cameras allow us the ultimate flexibility for installation. Multiple displays can show content on one high definition display whilst people appear on another, people on content can allow interactive presentations like never before!

Polycom Professional Quality Video Conferencing - VSX8000

The VSX8000 series from polycom allows us the same excellent integration options and flexibility whilst providing high quality video and audio communications suitable for any environment - meeting rooms & boardrooms, auditoriums and training rooms. The optional media cart can allow a full video conference solution to be mobile - wheeled between rooms as required. Pro-Motion technology allows premium quality video at any bandwidth and, combined with dual channel stereo audio, allows an excellent video conferencing solution. Easily share documents such as spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more.

Polycom Medium Room VideoConferencing - VSX5000

The Polycom VSX5000 series is an excellent solution for small to medium room video conferencing requirements. The economical unit contains a premium video conferencing solution with essential functions - all built in to one unit designed to sit on top of any plasma or LCD display.

Polycom High Definition Desktop Solutions - HDX4000 Series

Perfect for offices, small meeting rooms and doctors surgeries, the VSX4000 allows all the benefits of Polycom High Definition Videoconferencing at a users desk. Perfect for company directors looking to keep in touch with remote teams and doctors looking to see remote patients or share information with remote colleagues. The high definition solution extends to content too - perfect for sharing presentations but also allowing x-rays and scans to be viewed anywhere in the world.
Please contact us to discuss the enitre Polycom range and to see how we can help your organisation work together.